Saturday, August 18, 2012

Edmonton Fringe reviews part 1!

I realized a few things:
I really freakin' love the Edmonton fringe
I want to keep track of the shows I've seen and my opinions of them
Other people keep asking me what I saw and what I recommend
I have a blog

So Fringe reviews time!

My first 3 shows:

Jem Rolls: Ten Starts and an End

Quite enjoyable. While I've seen other Jem Rolls shows that I preferred, and I don't think this will be my no. 1 show this year, it was a good hour of entertainment. It's a spoken word show, so don't go in expecting a play, but if you like that sort of stuff (I do!) it's worth considering.

A Kind of Alaska

Not AT ALL what I was expecting (I thought it was some sort of mystery for some reason) but nevertheless, a great show. I wished I had gotten a little more into it, and maybe that's my fault and not the play's, but I found myself drifting out of the story a little. Brian Copping was a stand-out for me, he seemed to be a perfect choice for his roles.
It's based on the same story as that Robin Williams movie, Awakenings, so if you're looking for a good ol' drama, this one's for you.

Spare Change

I wasn't planning to see this one, but a guy was giving out comps, and it's hard to turn down a free show.
Wow. What an excellent production. As someone who works in an environment that gets a lot of traffic from the homeless, this was a really great perspective for me to see. It was one of those shows that leaves you thinking and rethinking, not something I'll forget anytime soon. The whole cast was fantastic, and it was a show I could really get into.
This show doesn't deserve a 3/4 empty house, my favorite so far, go see it!

More to come!

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