Monday, March 23, 2009

Movies I Really Should've Seen By Now

Whilst (my new favorite word) wandering around Army and Navy, I was thinking about all the movies I really should've seen by now, and decided to make a list to put here.
So here it is:

1. Slumdog Millionaire
The hold up here is I can only think of one friend who hasn't seen it that I could go with.
Ah well, maybe it'll come out on DVD soon.

2. Inkheart
I recently re-read the book, which was awesome, and while I've heard the movie isn't that good, I still want to see it.

3. The Dark Night
Everyone who's anyone has seen it. Except me.

4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
I really want to see this one. Apparently it's kind of depressing, but the plot sounds very good.

5. Master and Commander
All my friends love this movie, and they have good taste in movies, so I should really see it.

6. Sweeney Todd
Another film my friends love. The soundtrack is awesome from what I've heard, but it does look rather gorey. (sp?)

I think I've probably forgotten a ton, so I think I'll end up editing this list later. Post in the comments if you can think of any I've missed!


Script Frenzy

My latest anxiety and excitement is Script Frenzy.
This past November I participated and won it's sister challenge, NaNoWriMo for the first time, and I feel like I should probably give this one a shot, even though my April's already going to by busy.
I'm planning to write a stage play, I'm not sure entirely what about, perhaps following the life of a burnt out (no pun intended) popcorn salesman who befriends a young run away with a secret after a nightmare of some sort.
Yep, I've been using the random plot generator. xD
But hey, I tend to be rather random anyway, so it should go fine.
I'm drawn toward stage plays as opposed to screen plays or TV show scripts because I love theater, and I could potentially make a play out of it some day (with a lot of revision) if I wanted to, while a TV show or a movie isn't going to happen anytime soon, despite my loathed nickname of "Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz".
It should be easier than NaNoWriMo as you only need a 100 page script, and my NaNo came out to about 140 pages, plus a script has quite a bit more spacing than a novel.
I'm nervous, but a ton of my friends are doing it, so that should make it better.

Descriptively yours, (yeah, bad pun)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

En Pointe

Sorry I haven't posted in about a month! Ah well, I'll try to post a bit more now to make up for it.

Anyway, last Tuesday at Ballet right at the end of class we were given letters from our teacher by our sub for that week.
I looked down at my copy with "Dorothy" written at the top in his loopy handwriting, not expecting much, maybe just about an extra rehearsal or something.
I nearly screamed with delight when I read the phrase:
"The students of the Grade Five Ballet class have demonstrated delightful progress this term and are now eligible to commence pointe work in the Spring Term of classes."
I bounded out into the hall talking much too quickly to my friend Allie about how excited I was.
Ever since I started ballet I've always thought pointe would be awesome.
I was scared, of course, too. I'd heard way too many horror stories about bleeding toes and the like, but then I'd also heard if they were fitted properly they shouldn't hurt too much at all.

The next day my mom and I headed out to the store recommended to us and now I have them.
They haven't been broken in yet as I have to wait until Monday for my teacher to check them as well as tell me how I should break them in.
So far they don't hurt, but then I am using little gel toe covers, and all I've done is stand and walk on them.